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Cruceros Australis
Antartida - Cruceros Australis

Cruceros Australis invites us to the Expedition Cruises M/N Mare Australis and M/N Via Australis, sailing through the Strait of Magellan and the Beagle Channel, exploring some of the most beautiful and virgin regions of the planet, Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. There are options in 3 or 4 nights, from October through April each year, backed by the company’s fifteen years of reputation.

The detailed information on the Cruceros Australis’ ships can be reviewed here
M/N Mare Australis  ¡  M/N Via Australis

Cruceros Australis proposes two unforgettable tours:

Punta Arenas – Ushuaia

Punta Arenas – Ushuaia

5 days - 4 nights



Ushuaia – Punta Arenas

Ushuaia – Punta Arenas

4 days - 3 nights



In both of them, by simply reverting the course, we travel the route of the Great Sailors through Patagonia, visiting Cape Horn (Cabo de Hornos) -also known by the sailors as ‘tempest cape’-, passing between Hoste and Navarino islands through the Murray Channel, reminiscing the amazing searches and discoveries of interoceanic routes by Fernando de Magallanes, Francis Drake and Fitz Roy. A truly unique sight, among glaciers and unexplored mountains, in the southmost corner of the world, linking Punta Arenas and Ushuaia through the mythical Beagle Channel.

During the Australis cruises the expedition and discovery spirit are at maximum level, there are disembarks and informative presentations in both English and Spanish, and can additionally be arranged in German, French or Italian.

These presentations verse on glaciology and geology, flora and fauna and on the region’s history.

Australis cruises are an excellent choice to visit the end of the world.


Cruce Andino Puerto Montt – San Carlos de Bariloche
Since 1913
Antartida - Cruceros Cruce Andino

This story begins back in 1913, when a group of tourists led by Ricardo Roth, crosses the Andes through a border passage linking Peulla (on the Chilean side) with Bariloche (on the Argentine side). As a convenient alternative to join these two neighboring countries, by crossing ‘the southern cone’ Cruce Andino is born and becomes an ecology adventure no one should miss.

The journey can be made aboard these ships:

  • “Lagos Andinos”: can host up to 280 passengers, navigates the Todos los Santos lake in Chile.
  • “Ciudad de la Fe”: can host up to 70 passengers, navigates the Frias lake in Argentina.
  • “Victoria Andina”: can host up to 270 passengers, navigates the Nahuel Huapi lake in Argentina.

At Peulla, in the middle of the Vicente Pérez Rosales national park in Chile, there are two beautiful hotels to relax and enjoy this natural paradise; these are the Peulla Hotel, a classic 57 rooms hotel and the Natura Patagónica Hotel, with 45 rooms and all the comfort a modern 4 stars hotel provides. Additionally, these are complimented with a generous variety of outdoors activities available, such as fishing, rafting, horse riding, trekking, etc. to make the greatest experience out of this travel.

Puerto Montt – Bariloche

Puerto Montt – Bariloche

"1 day" and "2 or more days" options



Bariloche – Puerto Montt

Bariloche – Puerto Montt

"1 day" and "2 or more days" options<




Navimag Ferries
Antartida - Cruceros Navimag

Navimag takes us to venture into the most inhospitable yet fantastic edges of Patagonia.

Under the splendor of the channels and fjords at the south of the world, we follow the route of the ancient kawéskars to discover the patagonian channels.

These are original cargo ships now remodeled to carry the passengers in a comfortable trip. Details can be found here:

"Ferry Evangelistas" | "Ferry Puerto Edén"


Navimag tempts us with three amazing tours:


Grand Patagonia, South Route

Grand Patagonia, South Route

From Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales.
From the center of Reloncavi, Ancud’s gulf, from the center of Corcovado or from Moraleda channel, to the beautiful sight of the chain of mountains descending at the coast of Taitao peninsula. A course in which the Penas gulf reminds us of the eternal route of the ancient natives, where the remains of the Andes’ rupture became small islands covered with coihues, lengas and short cypresses. A live testimony submerging in the Southern Ice Fields, where multi-colour waters surrounding Puerto Edén salute the passengers and house the last kawéskars of the area. Finally, we arrive to Puerto Natales. A visit to the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile and Los Glaciares nacional Park in Argentina is highly advisable.

Grand Patagonia, North Route

Grand Patagonia, North Route

From Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt.
Just when the trip seems to be over and the continental beauty of the south of Chile and Argentina filled us with the sensation of having seen it all, a new adventure begins through the patagonian channels. A route where sea lions and dolphins join us in the great experience of skirting the coasts of national parks with lots of unexplored Mountain Ranges, visiting towns such as Puerto Edén, where the heritage of the native ancestors is still tangible, the Lakes Area, Bariloche or the Chiloé island, where the community’s warmth and the strength of their roots create the perfect scenario for those who know that traveling should be a gentle journey through diversity.

Puerto Montt - Laguna San Rafael – Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt – Laguna San Rafael – Puerto Montt

Nothing compares to the majestic sunrise welcoming us as we enter the San Rafael lagoon. The deafening roar of the icebergs breaking apart from the equally named glacier, bring life to a scenery of multi-coloured waters where travelers can gaze at the glacier and even enjoy a whisky with ‘eternal ice’.
The crossing to the lagoon is an excellent preamble for the show to follow… The journey begins in Puerto Montt, from where the ferry sets sail, continues to Puerto Chacabuco, the Aisén fjord and the Costa channel, to dive into the Elephants estuary and finally, two days later, meet the outstanding wall of the San Rafael glacier, the background of the North Ice Fields base.


Antartida - Cruceros Skorpios

Skorpios is one of the most important shipping companies in South America, with over 31 units between passenger and cargo ships.

Founded in 1956 in Puerto Montt, it has had a steady growth that today guarantees the absolute excellence of its services.

The Cruisers, Skorpios II and Skorpios III

The Skorpios II Cruise is the one you would dream of to travel the Ice Fields, with a capacity for 160 passengers it is prepared to provide the most comfortable and safe trip in this routes.

The Skorpios III, in turn, has become the ship transporting people from all over the world to the most recondite places in our planet, such as the giant glaciers at the north of Puerto Natales.

The Skorpios III has 49 cabins with a total capacity of 125 passengers and incorporates the most advanced technology in satellite navigation and telecommunications and, with a true commitment to nature’s preservation, the ship has a state-of-the-art water treatment facility.

The cabins are decorated in a very elegant style, have air conditioning, two music channels and two TV channels, two video channels with stereo surround sound, digital safe box, fine Italian bedclothes, magnetic card lock at the doors and refined private bathrooms with hair dryer, marble furniture and panoramic mirror.

Decks details

Skorpios II

Skorpios III



The staff, experienced and faithful to the traditional hospitality of the Kochifas family -native of the region-, honors the passenger with diligent and caring service, one of a “Super Class” category.
On the gastronomic aspects our style is a synthesis of the best of the international cuisine and the authentic traditions at the south of Chile, with a careful selection of the best sea products, meats, vegetables and fruits along with the best wines.
Additionally, there is a free bar attended by people versed in the most refined tastes and requests of our passengers.

Kawéskars Explorers Route, Southern Patagonian Ice Fields

Kawéskars Explorers Route, Southern Patagonian Ice Fields

Such is the name of our new route, honoring the ancient habitants of these southern boundaries, the Kawéskars, also called Alacalufes. They populated this frozen lands, which provided them with food and with spiritual strength by means of this surrounding beauty, filling them with love for their sea and soil. Beauty still present to be visited, and admired... there are no taints of “modern civilization” here.

Chonos Route, Northern Patagonian Ice Fields

Chonos Route, Northern Patagonian Ice Fields

Six unforgettable days beginning in Puerto Montt on board of the Skorpios II Cruise to trail the hectic geography of islands, channels and fjords of the south of Chile. We will be marveled by astounding views of mountains and seas, visit picturesque villages of fishermen, relax at unbelievable natural hot springs at Fiordo de Quitralco and forever remember the majestic presence of the Glaciar San Rafael.


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